Why ‘TheConsciousChatter’?

The idea behind this blog is fairly simple. How many thoughts do you have in one day? Probabily infinite. I do so too. A reoccurrent one however, is to somehow document and share my thoughts. There are so many things which I want to discuss with people and get their opinions on. Looking for a medium of expression, I stumbled upon the idea of making my own blog. Hence, I went ahead and did it. 

The contents of this blog would be quite varied. I would talk about general life issues, movies, books, daily struggles, etc etc etc. Oh, and of course, mental health. But yes, it won’t just be about disorders because mental health is much bigger than that. Being a psychology student for the past seven years, I have realised that there is a huge need to speak about issues related to mental health. Unless we talk about them, we won’t be able to deal with them effectively. Using this as a platform for it, I’d be doing just that. I know that this isn’t a counselling center, so I won’t preach. Promise. 

Looking ahead for loads of fun, I’ll just keep my fingers crossed for now! 




I like to write basically about anything under the sun. It may be random at times. But trust me, it'll always make sense. A psychologist by profession, I am still trying to figure out my sand in order to dig my feet deeper! It'll probably be fun to join me in the process..

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